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Case Studies

Below is a collection of success stories which demonstrate Tursso’s commitment to problem solving and innovation. We are proud of our ability to understand market trends and the specific needs of our clients in order to provide highly creative and effective packaging solutions.

InfoPac® Multi-Page Mini-Vial Labels

The Client: Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The Challenge: The client needed a label for a 3ml vial for a clinical trial that would be conducted in 39 countries. They needed to imprint variable data on the front of this label and also needed an area where the clinician could date and initial with an ink pen. Previously, the client was using a different vial label for each country in which the trial was conducted. This became costly and complex to manage.

The Solution: Tursso designed and manufactured a 40 page InfoPac® expanded-content label. This single label carries 39 language translations and can be used as a "universal label" on the vial for trials in all 39 countries. Tursso was able to meet the customer’s requirement for variable numbering and clinician signature as well. This user-friendly label design provided significant cost savings for the client, and simplified the label procurement and management process.

InfoPac® Incorporating Recipes and Coupons

The Client: Barbecue Sauce Manufacturer

The Challenge: The client was looking for a way to increase marketing impact with a new label design. They wanted to include recipes and coupons to promote their new barbecue sauce product, and also promote other products in their line.

The Solution: Tursso designed a re-sealable, multi-panel InfoPac® Expanded-Content Label that included several recipes. The final page of the booklet included a perforated page with a rebate coupon. This new design offers a unique marketing opportunity to promote use and increase future sales for the client. It also created product differentiation on the store shelf.

X-pandaLabel® with Braille Translation

The Client: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The Challenge: The client needed an expanded-content label solution in order to accommodate several language translations onto their square container. An added challenge was that our client wanted to include a complete copy translation in Braille on the front panel of the label. Tursso needed to identify a label construction that could include the Braille embossing and accommodate large amounts of text that a standard pressure-sensitive label could not provide.

The Solution: Tursso developed a successful solution using our patented X-pandaLabel® design. This label wrapped around the square container twice. Text on the under layer is easily accessible by peeling back the outer wrap of the label. The label material was surface printed, back-printed, and Braille embossed to accommodate all the vital label information necessary for this pharmaceutical application.

Foil Sample Pouch with Mail-In Rebate

The Client: Consumer Hair Care Manufacturer

The Challenge: The client was launching a new shampoo and conditioner system through mass retailers. They were looking for a unique yet affordable way to promote these new products, along with a way to capture valuable consumer information.

The Solution: Tursso worked with the client and the pouch converter to develop an attractive “twin” pouch which contained a .5oz sample of the shampoo and conditioner side-by-side. This sample pouch included a perforated tab along the top that was integrated right into the pouch. The tab included a Mail-In Rebate form that could be torn off and mailed back to the manufacturer for money off a full size bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The form included a writable over-varnish so the consumer could easily fill out their information (name, address, and gender) using a variety of writing tools. This sample pouch design proved to be successful in meeting the customer’s budget and marketing objectives.

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