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Flexible Packaging

At Tursso we recognize that your package not only needs to protect your product, but just as importantly, it communicates a vital message about your product and your brand. For this reason, our packaging professionals make every effort to ensure your package is both high-performing and attractive. We’ll help manage your packaging from material selection, graphic development through print execution to meet your critical business goals. We can even help you identify a qualified contract packaging partner.

We have the flexibility to provide surface-print laminations as well as buried-print laminations using our adhesive laminating capabilities. This flexibility allows us to develop a highly effective solution to meet the aesthetic, safety, and budgetary requirements of each unique application. Tursso’s experience and technical knowledge extends across a broad range of consumer product categories, including:

Flexible Packaging

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified (St. Paul, MN)
cGMP Compliant (Pharmaceutical) for the Design and Production of Packaging Components
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