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In an increasingly competitive marketplace, we realize that companies need a supplier partner who can align with their business goals to help ensure an efficient path to success. At Tursso Companies, it is our mission to become that trusted partner for our clients - one who can fulfill many important needs while bringing a high level of value and service.

Tursso has been a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, flexible packaging and other specialty printed materials since 1970. Our innovative products provide solutions for industries with unique and stringent packaging requirements, including pharmaceutical, medical device, nutraceutical, food, health & beauty and chemical. We operate under the highest quality standards to produce a wide array of printed items, including:

Tursso Companies has a company-wide commitment to listen and respond to the needs of our   customers. Our goal is unsurpassed customer satisfaction.


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"Business excellence is never an accident;  it is the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, skillful execution, superior leadership and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.  In short, this describes your organization. "